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Toxic Horizon (2013)
  1. Pray
  2. You Can Get Used To It
  3. Too Much Is Not Enough
  4. New Shoes
  5. The Second Row
  6. Alexandria
  7. Rock 'til You're Raw
  8. Out the Door
  9. Dark Life
  10. Right On Time
  11. Drama
  12. Thunder
Razor Train (2011)
  1. Do or Die
  2. Blood, Wood, and Stone
  3. Riding the Short Bus
  4. Valentine
  5. Let it Out
  6. Get Out of the Way
  7. Yellow October
  8. Never Left You
  9. Absence of Orange
  10. Testing 1 & 1
  11. Twenty Nine
  12. Do you Remember R&R Radio
Third Rail West (2009)
  1. Come With Me
  2. Speed Demon
  3. Plastic
  4. She Looks Good
  5. Bread For Thomas
  6. In & Out
  7. I'll Find a Way
  8. Funk Junky
  9. Pimpin' the Hoes
  10. Iron Man
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The History of Razor Train

Razor Train is a rock band from Hayward CA who's members consist of Lonny Foster on vocals/guitar, Huda Yousif on vocals/Bass, and Sandra Kay Evans on drums.

After a long hiatus from playing in a band, Lonny Foster Joined the metal electronica band IDIC (idicentertainment.com). There he met Rene Perez (vocals/keyboard), John Cha (bass), and Jacob Joon (drums).

Lonny, John, and Jacob later form the hard rock band Nail gun with Lonny's cousin Chris Van Kirk on vocals. A four song demo CD entitled Nail Gun is created. Later in the year Dave Cipperly steps in on drums.

John leaves the band and the name is changed from Nail Gun to Vanster to reflect the song writing team of Van Kirk / Foster. Finding a reliable replacement bassist was not easy so Huda Yousif decided she would like to learn how to play and possibly Join the band if no other bassist is found. Lonny starts teaching her how to play bass.

Huda joins the band on bass guitar and Garrett Smith becomes the new drummer.

A twelve track CD entitled Vanster is completed. Later in the year, Chris moves to Folsom and joins a band in Sacramento. The remaining trio then changes the bands name to Third Rail West and Lonny becomes the new lead singer. In August, Third Rail West performs an open mic night at The Bistro in Hayward, the first performance with this line up, and Huda's first time playing bass on stage.

The band finishes creation of the ten track CD entitled Third Rail West.

A band named 3rdrail contacts Lonny and expresses discontent with the similarity of their band's names. Rather than argue that the names are different Third Rail West decides to go with something more original and becomes Razor Train.

Razor Train finishes their second CD entitled Razor Train. The domain www.razortrain.com is registered and this web site created.

The third CD entitled Toxic Horizon is finished in December.

Sanda Kay Evans joins band on drums.

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